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Our apps help keep track of pallets by scanning unique QR codes using QR Seka mobile app available on Apple Store and Google Play™ generated with QR Seka Google Sheets™ Add-on (private beta).

QR codes are generated based on the cell's integer value, scanning which will report back to the spreadsheet and create cell's comment of the scan. Depending on the scan mode, pallets can be 'Captured' and 'Released’ - i.e. checked-in and checked-out - this way a pallet can be tracked if it had been loaded, unloaded, or a part of a larger group of pallets.

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Current versions of our apps are free to use and open to general public. Future versions of any of our apps may become paid or subscription based. Any versions of our apps can be deprecated, expired, become unavailable without notice at any time per request of a developer, Altex Transportation, Google, or Apple.

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